At Lanier Financial Group we have extensive experience working with physicians; we take pride in serving the medical community regardless of the career stage (medical students, residents, fellows, and established practitioners). Our goal is to provide the highest level of education and outreach to physicians so each individual we connect with is well equipped to make sound business and personal decisions.

The services we provide to physicians are broken down into two separate roles that are defined below:


Financial Planner/Investment Advisor

As your financial planner we assist in establishing goals and providing a roadmap that will allow you to reach them in a timely manner. Additionally, we educate you on your risks and determine the best course of action to eliminate or minimize them. Our financial plans strive to provide optimal financial efficiency both on dollars earned and dollars spent.

As your investment advisor we develop a personalized investment policy statement that governs how your dollars are invested and allocated (as it relates to current and future taxes). When implementing your investment plan we take all the necessary steps to maximize transparency and minimize expenses while leveraging future earnings. We do this by cutting out the financial markets middlemen, eliminating the use of inefficient products, and by taking advantage of financial derivatives.

By reviewing the following links you can obtain an overview of our financial planning and investment management services.


Medical Multi-Family Office

Your personal life is often complicated by engaging many professionals (CPA, attorney, bankers, insurance brokers, real estate professionals, and office/practice managers) that are not working in a coordinated effort on your behalf. This lack of coordination between all the professionals in your life can result in undue consequences or catastrophic losses. We combat this issue by treating your personal life as a business with you, the client, as the CEO.

Our role of the COO puts us in direct contact with these other professionals. There is a lot of correlation between the work these other professionals in your circle provide and without a designated point person coordinating their efforts many pitfalls can arise. As your COO, we work on your behalf to provide the highest level of professional accountability that ensures all needs, questions, and concerns are adequately addressed and resolved in a timely manner. This approach allows you to be in control of the decision making power while minimizing the time commitment needed to coordinate all of the efforts.