Investment Management Services

Our investment philosophy is simply to build each client a portfolio unique to their needs and goals while minimizing fees and taxes. We utilize a global top down analysis method that allows us to identify investment opportunities both here in the United States as well as in foreign markets.

Due to the wide array of clients that we serve our investment strategies vary for each client but generally will incorporate: stocks, bonds, warrants, options, ETFs, currencies, and alternative investments (real estate, private equity, and hedge funds). Unlike many other firms we do not use mutual funds which are generally expensive and provide little flexibility and benefit to you, the client; concurrently, we firmly believe that having control over each individual investment will provide better returns net of fees, taxes, and expenses.

We operate as a fee-based investment advisor; meaning we charge a fee which is expressed as a percentage of assets under management. This method provides the ultimate level of transparency to our clients compared to the commission based model. If you would rather be recognized by name instead of an account number or more importantly be able to speak with the individual responsible for constructing and monitoring your portfolio then Lanier Financial Group is the firm you have been looking for.