We offer a wide array of services to the businesses we work with. Since inception we have worked with pharmacies, salons, consulting firms, marketing/PR firms, and engineering firms; ranging from small privately held business all the way up to public companies. Regardless of similarities we may find in specific sectors we understand that each business is unique in many ways and we take pride in obtaining an in-depth understanding of each business we work with. Knowing how each business operates allows us to provide insight and recommendations to our clients that will help them differentiate themselves in their respective industry, thus giving them a competitive advantage to their peers.

Below is a list of services we offer to businesses:

  • Benefits Analysis and Implementation
    • 401(k), 403(b), and profit sharing plans
    • Executive benefits
    • Executive bonus plans
    • Health, dental, and vision
    • Life insurance
    • Long-term care insurance
    • Long-term disability
    • Short-term disability
  • Business Planning
    • Business continuation and succession planning
    • Business valuation
    • Buy/Sell agreements
    • Key-man and business overhead insurance
    • Outsourced CFO
    • Positioning company for future sale.
For more information on a specific topic please contact us.

Non-Profit Organizations

We understand that each non-profit organization, or other tax-exempt entity, has their own unique needs when it comes to implementing an investment strategy and providing the accessibility of capital. Therefore we work closely with our client and their tax professionals to create, adjust, and maintain a custom investment strategy that will provide the flexibility to meet future cash-flow needs while providing returns necessary to grow the asset base.

At Lanier Financial Group we strive to find organizations that share our core values and give back to causes that we find beneficial to society. Due to the nature of the non-profit and charitable entities we serve we proudly offer our portfolio management services at a reduced fee.