Retirement Plan Assistance

Do you need assistance in making the best investment selections for your retirement plan? We review your options and build a portfolio specific to your needs and goals.

Or, like many others do you have an old company sponsored plan (401(k), 403(b), etc) that has not yet been rolled over or consolidated? There are a number of special situations and circumstances that you should be aware of before making a quick decision. You should consider the following questions while seeking to rollover or consolidate your retirement accounts:

  • Do I want to have tax favorable access to the account prior to retirement?
  • Is it in my best interest to convert this account to a ROTH to save and have more control over my distributions?
  • Where do I want to custody my account and what are my investment options?
  • Am I able to allocate my own portfolio or do I need the assistance of a professional?

Lanier Financial Group is unlike many other advisors in that we provide allocations recommendations on your workplace plan alongside your other accounts and determine how it best fits your entire financial portfolio. We work with our clients either as a one time project or on an ongoing basis. Contact us to get he help you need in order to gain more control over your retirement. All initial consultations are free of charge.