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At Lanier Financial Group we have extensive experience working with physicians; we take pride in serving the medical community regardless of the career stage (medical students, residents, fellows, and established practitioners).

Our goal is to provide the highest level of education and outreach to physicians so each individual we connect with is well equipped to make sound business and personal decisions.

Our Team Specializes in Helping Medical Professionals Protect and Grow Their Financial Health

J. Wade Shields, MBA, MHA, CMPE

Wade provides financial consulting and management to hospital employed medical groups and private medical practices to help them grow their wealth rapidly and see an increased ROI, while also building efficient infrastructure and operations that keep your practice and profession running smoothly without sacrificing a high quality of patient care.

He is also a Certified Medical Practice Executive, as awarded by the American College of Medical Practice Executives.


Nathan J. Hriczo, CDFA®

Nathan assists medical professionals in achieving their financial goals by providing transparent, objective, and unbiased advice. He focuses on growing your personal wealth, helping you pay less taxes, and advising you when it comes to negotiating a new contract or job offer for your next career step.


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