Greetings Doctor,

My name is Nathan Hriczo and I am writing you today for a couple of reasons:

  1. Make you aware of my presence both personally and professionally;
  2. to earn an opportunity to speak with you;
  3. and to gather feedback as well as gauge interest in a forum that myself and other professionals are assembling locally.

With that stated, I appreciate you taking a few minutes to read the following message:

I am a relatively new resident in the Athens area as my family and I have slowly migrated out of Atlanta and the metropolitan area as our family has grown. We love the diverse community, proximity to family, and the vast amount of activities for adults, children, and families alike here in Athens. My wife grew up in the Athens area while majority of my childhood was spent moving frequently for my father’s work (until settling down just north of Atlanta during my teenage years). My wife and I have two young daughters that are the focal points of our lives and the driving factor in our decision to move to this community.

Professionally, I have two passions: improving the lives of those I work with and giving back to the communities/organizations that have impacted me and my family. Over the past decade I have been working with medical professionals by assisting them with their professional and personal financial affairs. I started Lanier Financial Group in 2009 after working in institutional asset management and retail financial services. Lanier Financial Group is a fiduciary driven registered investment advisory firm that (mainly) provides financial planning and investment management services to medical practitioners. The goal when starting my independent practice was, and still is, to educate a client while providing transparent, objective, and unbiased advice on an individualized basis as a legal and moral fiduciary.

The financial services industry is dominated by a deeply ingrained business model that is flawed by placing an emphasis on volume (in clients) and sales rather than knowledge and service. It is an industry that was built on disclaimers, proprietary products, bundled plans and contracts that places the best interests of the client secondary (or tertiary) to the firm and advisor; this is wrong and what keeps me motivated to better the lives of those I work with. This is not meant as an indictment of any person or firm but rather to bring awareness of its effect on you and the value a brief conversation with me would have. My practice is the antithesis of the industry and I want the opportunity to show you by answering any questions you might have, be a resource for you, and hopefully build a lifelong professional relationship.

The services I provide are summed up in the following three areas:

  1. Investment management: I love data and business. All investment decisions are made “in-house”. No third party to blame and no middleman driving up the cost. This often translates to lower cost, more control, and a better understanding in what you own. I also take advantage of investing in derivatives (specifically option contracts) which provides both leverage and downside protection. Very few other do this due to the complexity, lack of knowledge, and inability to implement within a volume driven practice.
  2. Financial planning: essentially building a better balance sheet and protecting what you have. This is a review of budgets, debt reduction/leverage strategies, tax planning, legal/estate planning needs, and insurance coverages. The goal of my financial planning service is simply to maximize the value of every dollar you earn while protecting what you have.
  3. Coordination with other professionals (personal COO): do you have an attorney, CPA, practice manager, insurance broker, and/or property manager? When was the last time each professional you work with got together to ensure you, the client, is in the best position possible? This is often neglected and I strive to bring all professionals in your life together so we may work as a unit in your best interests.

Finally, I am looking for feedback and gauging your interest in a forum that myself and a few others are looking to put on. During my career I have held educational lectures at medical/professional schools and teaching hospitals with topics on business, law, tax, and personal finances. These lectures came to fruition based on numerous comments by existing clients regarding what they wish they knew earlier in their careers. With that said, we are looking to begin providing these educational lectures to established practitioners with the goal of empowering the local medical community through education and awareness. You can simply click the contact us link at the top right corner of this page and send a quick email, call, or even text if you are interested in attending these future events.

Furthermore, if you are open to meeting with me briefly I would greatly appreciate the opportunity. I can promise you this will be very informative and will prove to be valuable of your time. You can contact me directly at or (call/text) 404.669.6792 and I will reach out to you personally so we may find a day and time that fits your schedule.

I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you!

Nathan J Hriczo

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