At Lanier Financial Group we have extensive experience in working with physicians. Our goal is to provide education and outreach whether you are a medical student, a resident, a fellow, an attending (staff) physician, or an established practitioner.

We understand the importance of your time management as it impacts both your personal and professional life. With that said, we strive to assist each client in ensuring that their personal finances and business are efficiently working. We do this by working with the other professionals in your circle (CPA, attorney, insurance brokers, real estate professionals, and office/practice managers). The approach allows there to be the highest level of professional accountability to make sure all needs, questions, and concerns are adequately addressed and resolved in a timely manner. Although our business is financial planning and investment management, we have found (through experience) there to be a lack of coordination between all the professionals in a physician’s life which can result in undue consequences or catastrophic losses. We assume this role and take accountability for those surrounding you.

By reviewing the following links you can obtain an overview of our financial planning and investment management services.