Are you tired of earning minimal¬†interest in today’s low rate environment? Contact us today to evaluate your alternatives and give yourself a raise.

Sure CDs are an easy to understand tool to keep your money safe (with FDIC insurance) but there are multiple other alternatives one must consider. Here are a few items we review with our clients prior to allocating our fixed income assets:

  • Would you be better off using some of the funds to pay down debts?
    • Example: 1 year CD earning 1.11% per year or pay down a loan or credit card with a higher rate.
  • Compare a CD to other principal protecting products such as a fixed annuity.
    • Example: 5 year CD earning 1.81% or a 5 year fixed annuity earning 2.8% that is guaranteed by a state guarantee.
  • Compare a CD to corporate bond (or municipal bonds that provide tax free income).
    • Example: 5 year CD earning 1.81% or a highly rated corporate bond maturing in 5 years that earns 4.087%
  • Adding minimal risk by building a portfolio with dividend paying stocks (common or preferred) comprised of established large cap companies.
    • Example: McDonalds stock pays a dividend of 3.14%, General Electric stock pays a dividend of 3.03%, Southern Company stock pays a dividend of 4.81%
      • We implement multiple risk management stratigies to minimize losses and collect income from dividends, option premium, and capital appreciation of the underlying stock.

We take an enormous amount of pride in helping our clients make their money work harder for them and hope we can help you too! Contact us today by completing the form below and we will contact you to schedule your free consultation.

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